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FWC News From Randy

January 6th, 2014

Dear FWC family,

The blessings just keep flowing in! While our Mexico Mission Construction team is hard at work preparing all the details for the upcoming dorm renovation project at the Matamoros Children’s Home, God is at work in the hearts of our members. Prayers have been and are being lifted up for this work. Funds have flowed in making it possible for us to expand the size and scope from what we thought possible, to what God had in mind. Others have jumped in and offered their time and talents to send bikes, clothing, books and computers. Praise God for the body of Christ!

This Sunday we’ll continue in our Daniel series with Part 2 of “The Man in the Furnace.” Who was this fourth individual in Nebuchadnezzar’s fiery furnace and why was he there? The answers will give us yet another practical tip for living as believers in an unbelieving world. Our text will be Daniel 3 if you want to read ahead.

In just one week our youth will be putting the finishing touches on their preparation for Youth Sunday. This special event has been an annual tradition at FWC for 11 years. Please continue to pray for our youth and for the Lord to reveal to you one person or family to invite. I am praying that our sanctuary will be overflowing as our teens lead us into the presence of the Lord.

Can’t wait to share with you this Sunday!

Serving Him,


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