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Our Values


We Value People. 

At FWC, people are a priority, and we do everything possible to minister to the needs of people as Jesus did in His ministry. We try to show love and acceptance to people where they are and move them gently toward the heart of Christ. This value serves as an umbrella for everything we do as a church. 


We Value the Word of God.

FWC affirms the Bible as the inspired, infallible Word of God. As a non-denominational church, we have members from every denominational background imaginable. We all put aside our unique differences of tradition and unify under the essential doctrines of faith. The Bible guides all that we do as a church from Biblical preaching to personal quiet times. 


We Value Authenticity.

Lost people in our culture are suspicious of religion and often view it as fake, hypocritical and inauthentic. At FWC, we are real people. From the pulpit, in small groups and in ministries, we believe that God wants us to be honest about who we are before Him. The most common statement we receive at FWC from our guests is that FWC is a warm, authentic place. You can find God here. Small groups, which we call Covenant Groups, are vital and provide an intimate support fellowship where we can experience love and acceptance.


We Value Maturity.

As we fulfill our vision to reach lost and hurting people, the Holy Spirit takes each person where he/she is and moves him/her forward in faith. At FWC our ministry system is made up of small groups of adults who walk through life together, holding one another up and growing together in faith. 


We Value Prayer.

Everything we do at FWC is bathed in prayer.  Prayer is the fuel of a healthy church.  We have groups that lift up requests throughout the week.  Prayer is a component of all the events we have.  We have seen God's faithful answers time and time again.


We Value Worship.

We are a community of worshippers. We offer praise and worship to God together. A healthy church is a worshipping church.

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